OWS is proud to be one of the few developers in existence that still make websites the old fashion way. All OWS base websites are hand crafted in straight forward HTML 5.

These days many developers just use cookie cutter sites that use preconceived scripted templates. We find two major issues with that. First, they all tend to look the same, or are limited in what you can do or easily change. Second, they require constant attention and upgrades to be sure the latest security patches are implemented. That's because hackers spent countless hours breaking into these common scripts which can let them take over and alter your website, implant Trojan horses and viruses, and redirect your site to anyplace else they choose. Recovery from such attacks frequently means erasing your entire site and starting over.

To supplement the base website, we do utilize the latest tools and modules to run message boards and forums and many other specialized applications you may require. However we monitor all the customer sites we host closely and proactively upgrade these modules to assure your special content remains safe, but more importantly, we virtually eliminate the risk that your main website can be hacked and altered, and if a special application is ever hijacked, it can be quickly isolated and shut down until a solution is in place.

We also take pride in very fast service. We can often have a web site up in a matter of days, and rarely more than a month. Design rates start at $75 per hour and most websites can be completed for under $500. If you'd like a quote, please go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out the Request for Quotation form so we can evaluate your requirements.